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Ode was established in 2020 by entrepreneurs who are passionate about the future of Norwegian seafood. Today, we have more than 85 employees spread over the company’s own hatchery, sea farms and head office.

Cultivating careers
At Ode, we are a diverse team consisting of everything from biologists to economists. Together we’re working to establish a world-leading player in cod farming.

Key contacts

Ola Kvalheim

CEO & Founder


Tor Olav Seim

Head of Strategy and Business Development & Founder

tos@ode.no+47 916 88 048

Anna Sæter

Head of Finance

anna.saeter@ode.no+47 952 60 897

Falk D. Øveraas

Head of Public Affairs

falk.overas@ode.no+47 928 55 320

Finn Christian Skjennum

Head of Juveniles

finn.skjennum@ode.no+47 926 51 838

Cathrin Rabben

Sales Manager

cathrin.rabben@ode.no+47 930 33 202

Vidar Vartdal

Head of Farming

vidar.vartdal@ode.no+47 908 36 666
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Ystenesgata 6b,

6003 Ålesund

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A world-leading producer of farmed cod

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We are a world-leading producer of farmed cod and will build several new production sites along the Norwegian coast from south to north in the coming years. If you’d like to join us on this exciting journey, then do get in touch

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