Ode to Excellence

The cod is worshiped and trusted in all corners of the world. A healthy globetrotter that has fed many mouths and shaped many food cultures. We give praise to this delicacy. Nurtured in controlled environments based on sustainable principles. Naturally cared for in crystal-clear Norwegian waters, this is excellence in its purest form.


Ode to Community

We are shaped and inspired by our community. For over 50 years, Norwegian aquaculture farmers have been pioneers of this industry. Today, we are bringing together new knowledge and new technology to produce premium farmed cod.

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Ode to Cod

Our brand is a tribute to excellence from farm to fork. Clear white in colour, super firm to the touch, and enriched in purity and taste. This is fresh Norwegian-farmed cod delivered to the highest quality every day, all year round.

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Ode to Continuity

Everything we do is based on sustainable principles. Our vision is long term, and we will continue to produce in harmony with nature. Working so close to nature, we recognise our responsibility for a life lived well in the sea.

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