Ode to Community

For half a century, all along the Atlantic coast, generations of Norwegian fish farmers have worked the cold, dark waters of the fjords in all kinds of weather. Their tireless toil helping to establish Norway as one of the world’s leading nations in modern aquaculture.

Today, through the application of advanced technology and new knowledge, an exciting new chapter in Norwegian aquaculture history is opening. With our all-Norwegian value chain, Ode is setting the standard as a producer of premium farmed cod.

Coastal collaboration
We pride ourselves with an inclusive culture with broad diversity across gender, age, nationality and background. Today we have more than 85 highly skilled employees working in Ode.

our regions


Our first sea farm is located in the pristine Nordfjord, close to the small village of Davik.

Møre og Romsdal

Our head office is in Ålesund at the heart of Norway’s aquaculture industry. Our new modern sea locations at Alida in Volda, Vorpeneset in Vestnes, and Aukan in Aure is all served by Lumarine’s rearing facility at Tjeldbergodden.


At Stadsbygd in Indre-Fosen municipality, we have built up one of the world’s leading environments in marine fry production. This gives us a steady supply of fish, all year round.